Livestock in Uruguay
Agricultural Land in Uruguay
Agricultural Land in Uruguay
Agricultural Land in Uruguay
Agricultural Land in Uruguay
Livestock in Uruguay
Livestock in Uruguay
Agricultural Land in Uruguay

Farmland in Uruguay, the best investment in land, safety and profitability.

DelAgro & Cía.

We are the most prestigious company to invest in Uruguay, both for investing in agriculture and animal husbandry.

Investing in Uruguay is completely secure and beneficial, and our people in DelAgro &Cia know exactly how to advise you and guide you through the process, including selecting, purchasing and managing an agricultural field.

We have a highly qualified professional team, with more than a decade of experience and with a history of outstanding results. These are some of the reasons why DelAgro & Cia is the best option for investing in agricultural business in Uruguay.

DelAgro & Cia is specialized in four kinds of activities:

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Our Agricultural Inventory


1225 Has. Paysandu

Field Type : Animal husbandry - Agriculture 
Coneat: 124
Agricultural Area : 380 Has of dry crop agriculture – 114 Has rain fed land. 
Natural water resources: Yes, plenty 
Outstanding productive unit.

Our Livestock Inventory


35 Young bulls 2-3 Rio Negro

          Amount: 35

          Weight: 410-410 (tared), weighed on Sept. 14

          Age: 2/3

          Breed: HER and AAxHER and HERxLIM

          Location: Nuevo Berlin – Río Negro

          Observations: Very good classy cattle. Bulls would weigh 530-550kg if fattened.

          Price: 1.65

          Payment: Cash

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