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Agricultural and livestock field management

The area of agricultural-livestock field management is formed by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the administration and advice of agricultural companies.

We have more than 12 years of experience. In Del Agro we develop a strategic plan adapted to each client, and we take care of the execution, monitoring and control of it. Always with the objective of achieving stable and sustainable companies in time.

We prepare annual budgets, production protocols, financial control sheets and monitoring of bank statements. At the end of the year we deliver a report of productive and economic results.


Work and innovate in pursuit of the development and prosperity of producers, our team and the company.


To be the brand that producers and investors choose when marketing their cattle, or buying or selling their field.


- Trust 

- Transparency

- Effort

- Innovation

- Continuous Improvement

- Continuous improvement of management

Sr. Eduardo del Baglivi
Director General
Sr. Santiago Stefan
Responsable Negocios Rurales y Embarques a Frigorifico
Sr. Antonio Lopetegui
Negocios Rurales
Ing. Agrónomo Alejandro Cosentino
Director del área Administración de Campos
Sr. Luis Muraciole
Responsable cultivos agrícolas y campos ganaderos
Srta. Manuela López Hounie
Responsable de Área Administrativa y Redes Sociales.
Sr. Santiago Gutiérrez Silva
Negocios Rurales